Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why Running?

It's for the obvous reasons, really. First up, people want to achieve a healthy lifestyle. From the common cold to cancer, they don't want to get sick. Medical bills are such a hassle. Furthermore, you are unable to spend precious time with you loved ones and friends.

Also, running is an effective way to shed those excess fat. For a 150-pund dude, running burns about 100 calories per mile. And couple with a healthy diet, you are to wear your old clothes again. Isn't it rad to be fashionable and feel good about yourself?

Nothing beats having some friends. It feels good about yourself. Stress-relieving, so to speak. Runners want to ba a part of running communities. Participating in fun runs, running groups and training groups are fun avanues to meet new people and friends. Mingling with them is a bunch load of experience and relationships.

These are some of the bits I've learned from on running. Go ahead, check it out!

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