Sunday, April 11, 2010

Preparing for Race

With the Boston and London Marathon fast approaching, participants are now in full gear hitting the gym and conditioning through the different trails they run. But working out tends to be one-dimensional. This kind of conditioning is prone to injury. Instead, have a variety of workout regimens. It would be more fun to mix your running days with swimming and biking.

Aside from being the valves and springs that bring you to the finish line, your muscles are the ones responsible for absorbing shocks along the way. With resistance training, you can strengthen and refine your muscle system. Lifting the proper weight training will give more resistance against injury-prone shocks.

You thought that running everyday will bring you to top form. Well, you're dead wrong. Instead, you are more prone to injury. Give yourself some rest. Resting will lower the chance of injury,
allowing your joits to recuperate and help repair and strengthen your muscle fibers.

There you have it. Remember, having a proper training without overdoing it will bring you to the finish line in no time. Enjoy!

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