Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Addiction Called Running

Running is very much like Facebooking: It is so infectious that you can't get enough of it. While it has been fast becoming a passionate sport for all ages, this cardiac hobby has spawned interest in many countries especially those health conscious ones willing to take the pain for fitness gain. No wonder that aside from the mainstream media, the online world has become a venue for everything about running: the shoes, gear, technologies, and even the songs apt for the sport.

Let this blog be the hub of that need for those kinds of information. Not only the obvious ones, I will feed you even with the tiniest tidbits about running that you never have imagined. You are definitely in for some surprises, with you gasping: "That is some startling info you got there!"

Yep, bookmark it. Subscribe to it. 'Coz what envigorates you just leaves you wanting for more: that the fun addiction called running.

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