Tuesday, April 27, 2010

35 Best Costumes At The 2010 London Marathon

Here's another humor post from Buzzfeed. In a typical marathon event (or any event, for that matter), you can't help but notice some sideshow reels. These people, though haven't got the slightest of a chance to win, will do the darnest to get attention. Here, you got the best of many worlds. It's like a virtual zoo out there, with the parade of tiger, giraffe, or camel costume. Even the blue man AND the blue toilet man is in the picture. But what gives me the happies is the hippie Darth Vader. Oh, BTW, what's up with the Angel of the North Thingie, dude? I would go for the Predator look, instead, to complete this Holloween Party on the road.

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