Thursday, April 8, 2010

History of the Running Shoes

Running barefoot is as agonizing as being tortured in a hazing rite. Imagine the blisters, bruises or even lacerations caused by gravels, loose branches and sharp objects. But thank God for shoes, running has literally gone the distance. Tracing back during our forefathers, I admire them for their persistence and determination for doing such activity without the aid of this apparel. Dead tired with an aching feet, they must run for long distances to hunt for food or get their job done.

Reading the beginnings of the athletic shoe via Runtheplanet gives a trip down memory lane. Interesting to know that the word 'sneakers' came from the croquet shoe developed in the 1860s which movement in the shoes was noiseless and quickly worn by sneak thieves. Also, competitive sports at that time were only for the rich dudes. I guess the masses were busy tilling the fields and making steel at the factory then to make ends meet.

The 1900s saw the inception of Keds, Chucks, Adidas and Puma. New Balance was the first scientifically-tested shoe. In the 1976 Montreal Olympics, it is where the commercial potential of the shoe was realized as it was endorsed. Soon after, the Mexico Olympics was flooded with shoe advertisements. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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