Thursday, April 29, 2010

It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

No, this is not some groovy Lenny Kravitz serenade. This adage is a lesson from a video I have just bumped into recently. It feature a championship game in a basketball professional league in Eastern Europe. Just as the other team prematurely celebrated as they grabbed the lead with less than a second to go, the opposing team wasted no time swooshing a three-pointer to win the ball game. Well, for the losers, they were just dumbfounded in disbelief.

Lesson learned here to never let your guard down. Always be on the defensive end even if you are in the lead. Just like running, be sure to focus on your strategy and always be on guard for possible threat from your opponents. One thing more: never give until the final second of the ball game. Until the finish line tape hasn't been reached, there is always a possibility for you to catch up and win the race. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Food Pyramid Day is now 18

Time flies so fast that it was just in 1992 when the Dept. of Agriculture introduced the Food Pyramid, an initial attempt at a geometry-based dietary recommendation tool.

Kind of reminds what I ate today, since it's my so-called 'cheat day' to rest my body after that 5 mile run yesterday. And reviewing the USDA guidelines just made me go "whut?!" in amazament. I nommed some cheetos and cheeze chicken sandwich for starters, then a couple of cans of sodas - which doesn't belong to the chart as I have observed.

I better consult with my wife for that. Maybe she knows this. And another "whut?!" moment: 42 servings (a day!) of fruits and vegetables. I should prolly be living in barn.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

35 Best Costumes At The 2010 London Marathon

Here's another humor post from Buzzfeed. In a typical marathon event (or any event, for that matter), you can't help but notice some sideshow reels. These people, though haven't got the slightest of a chance to win, will do the darnest to get attention. Here, you got the best of many worlds. It's like a virtual zoo out there, with the parade of tiger, giraffe, or camel costume. Even the blue man AND the blue toilet man is in the picture. But what gives me the happies is the hippie Darth Vader. Oh, BTW, what's up with the Angel of the North Thingie, dude? I would go for the Predator look, instead, to complete this Holloween Party on the road.

Monday, April 26, 2010

25th Big Sur Int'l Marathon Wraps Up

With 4,600 registered marathoners, a total of 8,254 runners joining different events crossing the finished under a perfect spring day, the 25th offing of the Big Sur International Marathon was a resounding success.

It was also a big day for 23-year old Castroville native Daniel Tapia, a neophyte runner who clocked in at 2:26:09 to become the first Monterey Champion to win the event. "I didn't know what to expect," said Tapia. "It was amazing. It's a very emotional win for me. I couldn't ask for more."

In the women's division, 28-year old Veronica Clemens of New York finished first with 2:55:17 while fellow New Yorker Melinda Schwartz, 32, of Buffalo finished 13 minutes behind. “It was a really good run. All I’d heard coming in was how hard the course is,” said Clemens. She admitted that she started hurting at the 16th and 17th mile, "but otherwise I felt good," she said.

In all, the BSIM got runners from all 50 states and 29 countries. For the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge (special division for runners who competed in the Boston Marathon and traveled to compete in the Big Sur event), more than 300 showed up.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Unexpected Things You Would See in a Marathon

A typical run will give you a panoramic shot of the alps. Or if trailing the forest, you would squeak through the woods and the towering trees would look down on you as you splash your foot down the stream to cross the river. But what if you see female urinals, some ADD-sick douche riding on a giant bike or some stray dog enjoying his newfound freedom?

These are just some of the zany images produced by Buzzfeed as they entertain you with their post called "15 Things You Wouldn’t Want To See While Running A Marathon ." Though all those pics can be true, I don't dig that guy wearing an Eiffel Tower costume. Gosh, what people do to get noticed these days!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

26.2 or Die - A Matt Long Story by RunnersWorld

In 2005, New Yorker and firefighter Matt Long was on his way to the Boston Marathon as he passed the NYC marathon with an impressive time of 3:13. Tragedy struck two months later as he was struck by a bus, injuring his hip.

But he could still run though, except for that 'swagger' he got from that accident. It didn't deter his will and determination, though, as the following year at the NYC marathon he was at the center of the spotlight displaying his bravery amidst all odds by participating in the marathon.

This is a feature story by RunnersWorld titled "26.2 or Die" that got them a spot for the nomination for Best Sports Video in this Years Webby Awards.

I just hope that this inspiring story would win the category to spawn awareness so people would emulate Matt's perspective amidst all of the things happened to him. Watch the video plus the rest of the nominees here. Good luck RunnersWorld!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Day After the Marathon

I think this is a true story. Very inspiring. As the note in the Youtube says: "For all those who ran the 2007 Flora London Marathon - you may not be wearing your medal today, but take it from us, people can spot a marathon hero from a mile away."

Watch the clip here.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Time's 10 Cool Ways to Get in Shape

I have always been contented with having comfortable, light but tough shoes suited up for running. Little did I know that the onslaught of technology has paved the way for a slew of technologies and web site catering to fitness. Man, what do you call this? TMI (too much information)?

For one, not only does it measure loads upon loads of data regarding your pursuit for fitness, it also serves as some sort of an online fitness trainer of a gizmo alert to be more focused and strategical to be fit. Nike's NIke+ and Adidas MiCoach Pacer are just a few of the gadgets that offer new technology in fitness and running. Web sites let you keep track of the route you have gone through while measureing the calories you burned (Gmap Pedometer) or eggs you like a real fitness trainer (Social Workout).

But what I can't take form the list is having to take you weight online and flaunt it via Twitter (Withing Wifi Scale). Now, that's PRESSURE to get fit. Read more here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Adidas' adiStar Salvation

There's a new gear around for the comfort-conscious runners. The Adidas adiStar Salvation Shoe line is gender specific, catering to the running requirements of both men and women. Women will have "a closer fit – snug in the heel and roomier in the front; a smoother ride with softer cushioning and Torsion System; a soft pad in the bunion area." While the guys get "improved fit with active ForMotion tech on the lateral side and a ForMotion heel unit specially placed for men."

But what is ForMotion? Well, it is "a technology that adapts the shoe to your natural running motion. On the shoe’s upper part, it stretches and contours as you plant and push off again. And in the heel it adapts to your individual footstrike to ramp up comfort and fit for your best run."

Strategize Your Run

You have gone through a thorough conditioning that you've put up a strict dietary regimen. Now that you are all physically suited up, is it really enough to course you are bout to go to? The answer is a big NO. You have to device strategies to face up the challenges you will about to encounter during the run. In this way, you are able to efficiently use up your energy and pace yourself strategically.

One area to strategize on is your fuel. Eat and drink properly motivates your body to keep up the pace. Course strategy is another area to think about. After having memorized the loops and turns of the course, it will now be a breeze where to rev it up or pace yourself. Having smaller races with different kinds of challenges helps your mind to be more focused. Lastly, think from within. Try to focus more on the race, with grit determination and confidence that you can finish the race with flying colors.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Balance MV --- "The Trail"

I think I'm going to try this out for a change sometime. It would be a different fun running on trails and mountain ranges. This should give you more focus and 'alone time' for yourself. New Balance and the guys at Bluefoot Entertainment Production brings you a new music video marvelling the wonders of trail and mountain running. It features trailing luminaries like Brandy Erholtz, Erik Skaggs, Kyle Skaggs, and Anton Krupicka as they account the feeling of running in the woods, mud-ridden marshes, riverbeds, until reaching the mountain top. The tone is rather motivational, a no-laughing matter material that will surely egg on would be runners in the future. Maybe I could try it out myself, too. Here's one lingering quote from the video: "When you reach the top, you keep on climbing." Watch it here in this Youtube link.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nike's Lunar Technology

Shoe technologies come and go. Today, they are the future for comfortable, improved and safe running. Couple of months later, they become obsolete. But it doesn't mean they are not as effective though. For as long as it still works, then I guess that technology is tailor-fit to your running needs.

As in the case of Nike's Lunarlite Technology, it was long time coming. Something like, 36 years.

Nike's earliest employees, Geoff Hollister, never had said it better in 1971. Strapping on one of the first prototypes of Bill Bowerman's iconic Waffle sole, Hollister said "It was like running on pillows." And in 2004, Nike designer Kevin Hoffer became inspired by the cushioning quote and thought about the Waffle outsole's earliest incarnation in the Moon Shoe at the 1972 marathon trials. Hoffer turned to the actual lunar landing, downloading images of astronauts bouncing around the moon, like marshmallows. And the rest was history.

It started back in 1971 with a quote from Geoff Hollister, one of Nike’s earliest employees. He strapped on the first prototypes of Bill Bowerman’s iconic Waffle sole and said, “It was like running on pillows.” Nike designer Kevin Hoffer read the quote in 2004, kicking off his search for cushioning that would recreate that sensation, which would be that revolutionary. With the quote guiding him, he thought about the Waffle outsole’s earliest incarnation in the Moon Shoe at the 1972 marathon trials. From there, Kevin turned to the actual lunar landing and soon was downloading images of astronauts bouncing around the moon as if on marshmallows. Then, he knew exactly what he wanted the cushioning to feel like.

Today, there has been a lot of variation of the Lunar Technology. This super light, space age Lunar foam released LunarLite Racer and LunarLite Trainer two years ago. The lunarGlilde+, a modification of the earlier Lunar models, was released last year.

This fall, Nike introduces a complete Bowerman line: the Vomero+5, the Equalon+4, the Structure Triax+ 13 and the Air Pegasus+ 27 . More details at Runningwarehouse.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why Running?

It's for the obvous reasons, really. First up, people want to achieve a healthy lifestyle. From the common cold to cancer, they don't want to get sick. Medical bills are such a hassle. Furthermore, you are unable to spend precious time with you loved ones and friends.

Also, running is an effective way to shed those excess fat. For a 150-pund dude, running burns about 100 calories per mile. And couple with a healthy diet, you are to wear your old clothes again. Isn't it rad to be fashionable and feel good about yourself?

Nothing beats having some friends. It feels good about yourself. Stress-relieving, so to speak. Runners want to ba a part of running communities. Participating in fun runs, running groups and training groups are fun avanues to meet new people and friends. Mingling with them is a bunch load of experience and relationships.

These are some of the bits I've learned from on running. Go ahead, check it out!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Virtual Tour of Boston Marathon via Adidas

Adidas has set up a virtual tour of the Boston Marathon through the help of Google Street Map. There are 15 course way points with eight landmarks appearing along the route. Tips on how to hurdle these obstacles come from what Adidas call "miCoach," Salina Kosgei and Greg McMillan. It's a fun tour, having passed all those landmarks. More importantly, it gives you tips on how many calories have you burned so far and what parts are the most difficult to run by. It tells where to hydrate, lower your pace or exert more effort. To take a more vivid picture, check here.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Preparing for Race

With the Boston and London Marathon fast approaching, participants are now in full gear hitting the gym and conditioning through the different trails they run. But working out tends to be one-dimensional. This kind of conditioning is prone to injury. Instead, have a variety of workout regimens. It would be more fun to mix your running days with swimming and biking.

Aside from being the valves and springs that bring you to the finish line, your muscles are the ones responsible for absorbing shocks along the way. With resistance training, you can strengthen and refine your muscle system. Lifting the proper weight training will give more resistance against injury-prone shocks.

You thought that running everyday will bring you to top form. Well, you're dead wrong. Instead, you are more prone to injury. Give yourself some rest. Resting will lower the chance of injury,
allowing your joits to recuperate and help repair and strengthen your muscle fibers.

There you have it. Remember, having a proper training without overdoing it will bring you to the finish line in no time. Enjoy!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Usain Bolt Featured on Esquire

Here is an interesting article about Usain Bolt on Esquire Magazine. For those who do not know him, well, he is just 'the fastest man' alive. I'm talking about friggin' fast, man! That's less than 10 secs in a hundred meters. I can't believe he has scoliosis. Read on for more.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

History of the Running Shoes

Running barefoot is as agonizing as being tortured in a hazing rite. Imagine the blisters, bruises or even lacerations caused by gravels, loose branches and sharp objects. But thank God for shoes, running has literally gone the distance. Tracing back during our forefathers, I admire them for their persistence and determination for doing such activity without the aid of this apparel. Dead tired with an aching feet, they must run for long distances to hunt for food or get their job done.

Reading the beginnings of the athletic shoe via Runtheplanet gives a trip down memory lane. Interesting to know that the word 'sneakers' came from the croquet shoe developed in the 1860s which movement in the shoes was noiseless and quickly worn by sneak thieves. Also, competitive sports at that time were only for the rich dudes. I guess the masses were busy tilling the fields and making steel at the factory then to make ends meet.

The 1900s saw the inception of Keds, Chucks, Adidas and Puma. New Balance was the first scientifically-tested shoe. In the 1976 Montreal Olympics, it is where the commercial potential of the shoe was realized as it was endorsed. Soon after, the Mexico Olympics was flooded with shoe advertisements. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Running: When Did it Start?

If today's popular belief on running is based on our quest to stay fit, ward of sickness and be active with our work, historic studies show that the nature of running was borne out of hunting for food a predators or chasing carcasses for food. There's a nice read I've chanced recently about the evolution of human running. Runtheplanet's article on the origins of running and how it shaped human beings as they indicate that the activity became instrumental in shaping the anatomical features of humans and their quest for survival. this was based on the conclusion of a study by University of Utah biologist Dennis Bramble and Harvard University anthropologist Daniel Lieberman. In short, the "natural selection" of humans able to run for long distance favored them to live longer.

Another point taken are the anatomical features that help humans run effectively, from the skull features that help prevent overheating during running to the proper stance and proportional limbs appropriate for running.

And as the study by Bramble and Lieberman concludes: "Today, endurance running is primarily a form of exercise and recreation, but its roots may be as ancient as the origin of the human genus, and its demands a major contributing factor to the human body form".
I guess you would imagine how fit people were at that time, since their survival solely depend on running. Read on the article for more details.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Addiction Called Running

Running is very much like Facebooking: It is so infectious that you can't get enough of it. While it has been fast becoming a passionate sport for all ages, this cardiac hobby has spawned interest in many countries especially those health conscious ones willing to take the pain for fitness gain. No wonder that aside from the mainstream media, the online world has become a venue for everything about running: the shoes, gear, technologies, and even the songs apt for the sport.

Let this blog be the hub of that need for those kinds of information. Not only the obvious ones, I will feed you even with the tiniest tidbits about running that you never have imagined. You are definitely in for some surprises, with you gasping: "That is some startling info you got there!"

Yep, bookmark it. Subscribe to it. 'Coz what envigorates you just leaves you wanting for more: that the fun addiction called running.