Thursday, April 22, 2010

26.2 or Die - A Matt Long Story by RunnersWorld

In 2005, New Yorker and firefighter Matt Long was on his way to the Boston Marathon as he passed the NYC marathon with an impressive time of 3:13. Tragedy struck two months later as he was struck by a bus, injuring his hip.

But he could still run though, except for that 'swagger' he got from that accident. It didn't deter his will and determination, though, as the following year at the NYC marathon he was at the center of the spotlight displaying his bravery amidst all odds by participating in the marathon.

This is a feature story by RunnersWorld titled "26.2 or Die" that got them a spot for the nomination for Best Sports Video in this Years Webby Awards.

I just hope that this inspiring story would win the category to spawn awareness so people would emulate Matt's perspective amidst all of the things happened to him. Watch the video plus the rest of the nominees here. Good luck RunnersWorld!

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