Friday, August 6, 2010

The Unique Technology of Mizuno Running Shoes – The Mizuno Wave

Mizuno is an international sportswear manufacturer founded in Osaka, Japan. They’ve been creating high-end sports equipment and sportswear for over a hundred years and with their continuous research on the modern technology, they manage to stay on the business with good reputation.

Mizuno Wave is the most popular technology used by Mizuno in creating their running shoes. The majority of shoe manufacturers create their shoes with a flat mid-sole for the cushioning but Mizuno created a unique feature; the Mizuno wave. This technology is a unique cushioning system were in they’ve made a wave-like plastic midsole. Mizuno claims that this feature gives their running shoes the extraordinary cushioning and protection as the impact travels along this midsole. The wave-like midsole works by dispersing the force generated during the foot fall along the entire length of the foot.

There are different types of Mizuno Wave running shoes. Some are engineered for runners with low-to-medium foot arch, some are specifically designed for flat footed runners and some are made for runners with high foot arch. For example, Mizuno Wave Niravana 6 and Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 running shoes are made for people with low-to-moderate pronation and they provide maximum cushioning and offer excellent support. For feet with medium-to-high arches, you may want to consider the Mizuno Wave Creation 11, which is designed to provide the best cushioning and impact protection for foot with moderate or high arches.

When buying running shoes, it is important to have some research first because there are things that you have to know like the fitting, the type of shoe for the right feet, the cushioning, motion control, the flexibility, and the durability of the shoes. It is also advisable to buy those shoes that requires no break-in period like the Mizuno Wave because running shoes should feel comfortable the time you buy them. The comfort of running shoes is very important because it is one of the factors that can affect your running performance. By wearing the right running shoes with the perfect fitting, you can stay away from foot injuries.

There are actually different kinds of running shoes because every runner is different and every brand of shoes has different features. You have to make sure you buy the right shoes to avoid wasting your money. If you don’t have enough knowledge about the type of running shoes for you, you may end up buying those running shoes that can give the same old pain because you don’t know the cause. To prevent this from happening, you may want to visit a specialty running shoes shop to determine your foot type. But if you think you are knowledgeable enough on which running shoes to buy, you can save time buying your shoes online. is one of the trusted sites that offer large selection of sports apparel and running shoes. They also have their holistic store located in Philly, PA and Hendersonville, NC where you can choose the right type of shoe for you. You can actually save on because they offer discounts on selected items. If you want to buy Mizuno Wave shoes, you can visit their site anytime.

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