Sunday, August 8, 2010

Smart Wool Snowboarding Socks

Smart wool is a company founded by ski instructors in New Zealand. At first, the primary concern was to provide warmth and comfort while skiing. But as the time goes by and as the everyday life in a cold weather becomes a major concern, Smart wool developed a line of clothing that meets these needs. SmartWool created a wide selection of performance apparel like the snowboarding socks, skiing socks, hiking socks, and clothing that can be used in everyday activities.

If you are going out for snowboarding, it is advisable not to wear cotton socks. You better use the smart wool socks or other types of socks that are intended specifically for snowboarding and skiing because cotton socks get wet and will get cold because the moist are trapped on the cotton fibers. They won’t keep your feet warm and you will become uncomfortable once the cotton socks get wet. Most snowboarders or skiers would probably say that cotton socks are the worst choice when it comes to this kind of activity.

Smart wool socks are recommended for snowboarding, skiing, or hiking because they can keep your feet warm. Smart wool’s fiber is very absorbent and soaks up the vapor and removes it before it condenses. When the temperature is pretty hot, the fiber creates a mini air-conditioning unit next to your skin; this process transfers the body heat to your apparel. In addition to this, Smart wool’s fiber does not trap the moisture so the odor-causing bacteria would not be able to build their breeding pool on Smart wool socks. You don’t have to worry about having a bad odor when you are using smart wool socks.

When it comes to wool socks, natural wool is the only fabric that will keep you warm even when your feet are soaking wet already. This has been proven by the snowboarders, hikers, and athletes. When choosing wool socks, Smart wool is the best choice because they are made of 100% natural wool from Merino sheep – the finest breed of sheep that can produce the softest, strongest, and finest wool among other breed of sheep.

For snowboarding and skiing, your regular socks won’t work so you better look for socks that are specially designed for such activities. Snowboarding socks are designed to adapt the shape of your feet without wrinkling. Sock wrinkles on snowboard shoes can actually cut off the circulation which can make your feet cold and very uncomfortable. And since you are snowboarding, your feet should be comfortable with your activity because they are the primary part of your body that has the very important task. If you want to enjoy your snowboarding adventure, you should pay attention to the socks that you are going to use.

If you are looking for a store that provides Smart wool socks, you should visit They have a huge selection of Smart wool snowboarding socks, skiing socks and other Smart wool performance socks. You can also buy Smart wool sweaters if you want. They offer discounts for selected items so you can save money while you enjoy the adventure and adrenaline rush with your snowboarding activity.

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