Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Saucony Running Shoes for Different Type of Foot Pronation

Saucony is the leading designer and manufacturer of performance footwear for men and women. They’ve been on the business for over a hundred years and keep on providing the best running shoes in the world.

Here are some tips on choosing running shoes for different kinds of pronation.

If you have a normal pronation or have a normal sized arch, your worry is not about the motion control but usually the fitting of the shoes. Some runners don’t have the right fitting that’s why they are having foot pain even though they have the normal arch. This is because the size and the cushioning might not be as comfortable as it should be. A good thing to remember when buying running shoes is that, every shoe should be comfortable with your feet. Saucony running shoes have a good reputation with providing performance footwear. They focus on the fitting of the shoes and at the same time provide the best comfort a foot should have.

If you are flat-footed you better look for stability running shoes. These shoes are ideal for overpronated feet or flat feet because they provide better motion control. High stability running shoes like Saucony ProGrid Stabil usually have firm midsoles and control features that reduce the degree of pronation. It is advisable for flat footed runners to stay away from highly cushioned and highly curved shoes because the overuse of these shoes can cause many types of foot injuries. Researched has proven that poor footwear is the major cause of foot injuries so you better choose the right shoes for your feet.

If your feet are underpronated or you have a high-arched foot, motion control or stability shoes are not suitable for you. Underpronated feet are not designed to be an effective shock absorber because they don’t pronate enough. Motion control shoes or stability shoes will reduce your foot mobility so you should have cushioned running shoes with high flexibility instead. The best type of shoes you can have is the neutral cushioned shoes because they encourage neutral foot motion. Saucony also have this type of shoes. They have the Saucony Endorphin shoes with a very comfortable fit and have soft suede upper and an EVA cushioned midsole.

In choosing the right running shoes, you should consider these things and an online review would help you a lot with your decision on what type of shoes would really work for you. When you buy your running shoes, you can test and run with them inside the store where you are buying. By doing this testing, you can be sure that you have the right fitting and you should be sure that those shoes are comfortable for you. A lot of runners have same mistakes in buying the shoes; they keep on buying a new pair because their shoes can give them pain. But most of them don’t know some things to consider like the pronation and fitting so they end up buying shoes that can give them the same pain.

If you are looking for an online store where you can buy Saucony shoes, you can visit ZBSports.com. They have the latest designs of Saucony shoes. They also have their retail store located at Philly, PA and Hendersonville, NC.

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