Monday, July 26, 2010

What You Should Know About Chaco Sandals?

Chaco sandals are performance sandals that are used when hiking, trekking, camping, kayaking, and other backpacking activities. Chaco products come with a lifetime warranty against defects. Chaco also offers a repair service for their sandals and other products with a fee. If you want them to repair your damaged or worn out Chaco sandals, you can send them to Chaco’s factory for repair which is located in Paonia, Colorado.

Chaco enthusiasts can always be identified by the tell-tale "Z" tan lines on the uppers of their feet. In fact, Chaco is currently having their Chaco Tan contest for the best adventure picture with the Chaco sandals. There are lots of great entries for this contest and you can see the sign of Chaco sandals on their feet.

If you are planning to buy Chaco sandals, you should know first what type of sandals you want. Usually, Chaco sandals come in four types; the head waters, the cross current, the flipside, and the Andale.

Chaco head waters sandals and designed with a fully adjustable fit and it is very ideal for outdoor activities. The design is made from classic basket weave style and these sandals provide added support and comfort to your feet. These sandals are the most common choice for the hikers and backpackers because these sandals are very comfortable and breathable.

Cross current sandals, on the other hand, are designed for hopping, trekking, and also for hiking. These sandals keep your feet centered on the foot bed and your forefeet are firmly engaged with a combination of free heel convenience.

Chaco switch flipside sandals designed for summertime and they are known for their lightweight flip flop style. These sandals offer foot support with long lasting out soles and is made to fully support your foot arch.

Chaco Andale sandals are made of leather which is fitted to the foot bed to give comfort and glove like fit to your feet. You can use these sandals at the office or other casual wear but not in hiking and water sports.

To clean your non-leather Chaco sandals, you can wash them with any detergent that doesn’t contain bleach. You can also put them into the washing machine along with your pants and other dark-colored clothes. But if you don’t like to wash them with your clothes, you can put them in a mesh bag. You can also wash these sandals by your hand. To remove the odor caused by your feet’s perspiration, wash them with baking soda. You can also spray a diluted solution of Armor-all to help your straps to slide easily. For the leather sandals, avoid drying them with heat because this can damage your sandals.

If you are looking for an online store where you can buy Chaco sandals, is the place to check these sandals. has a huge selection of Chaco sandals for men and women, and aside from sandals, they also have Chaco shoes. Their site is a great place to look for Chaco performance sandals because some of their Chaco items are on sale so you can save more. They also have a wide variety of other brands of sports apparel and performance shoes, so if you want to check, visit their site and save more.

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