Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Arcteryx Outdoor Clothing

Arcteryx is an outdoor clothing company that was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in 1989. Arcteryx was named after the earliest known bird, which is the Archaeopteryx. Their official logo is also the figure of the Archaeopteryx. Arcteryx products are usually for outdoor activities like mountain climbing, snowboarding, skiing, hiking and backpacking.
Arcteryx jackets and pants are the most famous among Arcteryx products and these are also popular among professional outdoor adventurers. Their jackets are unbelievably lightweight and extraordinary wind blocker. Their pants and jackets are made from an exceptional clothing technology, the Gore-Tex Layer Pro. This Gore-Tex Layer Pro is very functional, highly efficient, and can improve your performance, especially in a cold weather because this layer technology is very light in weight and highly breathable; there is not a chance of snow or water getting through the coat. And at the same time, this also provides the comfort you need when you are outside a very cold temperature.

Aside from outdoor clothing, Arcteryx also provides harnesses, climbing helmets, and other outdoor sport equipments. They also have sports accessories like gloves, rope bags, haul bags, and other sports equipment. These equipments are guaranteed to be highly durable. In fact, many professional climbers, snowboarders, and hikers are using Arcteryx clothing and equipments. Furthermore, Arcteryx redesigned their climbing harnesses and then introduced essential improvements with their backpacks and apparel. So if you want to be sure that you are safe while you are on your outdoor activity, you might want to consider buying this trusted brand.

Arcteryx caters to ardent outdoor adventurers who look for high quality gear that can satisfy their needs like the durability, functionality, and the performance that the clothing can provide. So far, they never fail to satisfy these adventurers and they even exceeded the expectations of their customers. With Arctery’s continuous research for innovation and modern methods of manufacturing, they are able to maintain their reputation in providing the best outdoor gear worldwide.

Arcteryx clothing is simply a functional and performance-wise gear. So if you think that you are buying this for the brand name, you are mistaken. Arcteryx is very durable; you cannot go wrong with this brand because they are very efficient and highly functional. You can enjoy every move with this gear because you can move freely and do your mountain climbing without hassle and at the same time, this gear can make you comfortable for a long period of time. With Arcteryx, you are protected and safe with every step you take.

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