Monday, May 3, 2010

Nike Free Run+

To run barefoot is to be free. It keeps your motor running without the hassles of injury and stress. That's why Nike again defines comfort in running with its new Nike Free Run+ design. You would ask, "Man, there's soo many designs already I can't even choose which fits my needs.!" If you choose comfort to the point of running barefoot, this is the shoe design for you.

The flexible design "closely mimics the natural movement of your foot." With this feature, you are close to running barefoot without straining or injuring your feet.

Here are some of its features:

-More flex grooves promote an even more natural, barefoot-like stride

-Increased support under the arch for improved stability

-More cushioning for an exceptional ride

-A completely new midsole design for a better fit

-A precisely engineered upper for targeted support

-Asymmetrical lacing for added comfort

-Nike+ ready

If you wanna know more about Nike Free Run+, check it out here at their site.

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