Monday, May 3, 2010

Bomb Scare Disrupts Pittsburgh Marathon

Last Sunday's Pittsburgh Marathon was halted briefly by a bomb scare and it was no fluke. Good thing the cops have disposed it even if it was believed to be not a live one.

Packaged in a microwave oven on the sidewalk next to the Greyhound bus station, the suspected bomb was spotted Sunday morning after race leaders have finished the course. And as the bomb squad identified there were contents resembling to an explosive, police immediately cleared the area. But they have yet to specifically name the components since it is still in the investigation stage.

If you recall last Saturday, thousands of tourists and pedestrians along the vicinity of Times Square in New York were evacuated for 10 hours after a car-bomb scare. "After we witnessed what happened in New York City last night, we took (this) very seriously," Police Chief Nate Harper said.

Could this hamper the participation turnout of other running events to come? We'll see.

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